March 11, 2019

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Muckdogs fundraiser for a special ND family.

July 15, 2016

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ND Business Team- Primo Cravatte, wins at Trade Fair

March 10, 2016


Wednesday, March 9, was the Virtual Business Trade Fair at Genesee Community College. Nine high school teams from the G.L.O.W. region competed with virtual businesses created by students and operated by students since September. 


"Primo Cravatte," an Italian Bistro, was Notre Dame's business. The 11 member team had to apply for their positions, complete with resumes, cover letters, and interviews. They have held department meetings, set sales goals, and brainstormed marketing strategies. With less than 40 minutes a day, they work together to operate their business and compete for sales with other area teams. 


Following last year's rookie champions, The Cupcakery, would not be easy. However, Primo stepped up to the challenge and placed in all five categories. (See scores below) 


In addition to Trade Fair events, the team will compete in Business Plan, Catalog, and Website next month.


Notre Dame’s Bus 101 class and Primo Cravatte business owners are: Jessica Bukowski-- chief executive officer; Braden Clark -- marketing executive; James Farmer -- marketing executive; Lexie Gerhardy -- marketing executive; Steven Goodberlet -- I.T. specialist; Connor Logsdon -- chief marketing officer; Casey Midwick -- accounting executive; Christopher Morris -- marketing executive; Bryan Moscicki -- accounting executive; and Luca Zambito -- accounting executive.


ND currently offers Economics, Introduction to Careers, Personal Money Management, Accounting 1, and Accounting 101 in addition to Principles of Business. Business-minded students can graduate Notre Dame with 12 college credits, equivalent to one semester of college.


Anyone interested in learning more about this program and the other opportunities Notre Dame is providing its students should contact the school or visit during the upcoming Open House, April 17, from 2 - 4 p.m. 


Schools that participated and their Company name were:

                Batavia                                 Loco Motion

                Dansville                              Vision Vacations

                Elba                                       Media Planet

                LeRoy                                  Cellphone Palooza

                LeRoy                                  Pets 4 U

                Livonia                                Eastern Fragrance Company

                Notre Dame                         Primo Cravatte

                Pavilion                                 Enigma

                Wayland-Cohocton            Steam


The final results of award winners are as follows:



                School                                  Company

1)      Notre Dame                     Primo Cravatte

2         Wayland-Cohocton       Steam

3         Livonia                            Eastern Fragrance Company



1)      Wayland-Cohocton         Steam

2)      Notre Dame                     Primo Cravatte

3)      Elba                                   Media Planet


Marketing Strategies

1)      Notre Dame                     Primo Cravatte

2)      Pavilion                             Enigma

3)      Wayland-Cohocton        Steam


Total # of Transactions

1)      Notre Dame                      Primo Cravatte                  219

2)      Elba                                    Media Planet                     143

3)      Wayland-Cohocton         Steam                                127


Total $ Amount of Sales

1)      Notre Dame                     Primo Cravatte                  $496,790.00

2)      Dansville                          Vision Vacations               $289,436.66

3)      Batavia                              Logo Motion                      $255,348.20